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   Welcome to the new website for Virtual Eastern Airlines' Air-Shuttle.   A one of a kind service, the Eastern Air-Shuttle operates hourly A300 and 727-225 service between Boston, New York La Guardia, and Washington National 7 days a week.    Additionally, limited service is offered daily to Philadelphia.

   Today the Air-Shuttle is world-renown for being one of the most profitable modifications to the airline industry, and has been duplicated by airlines all over North America, Europe, and Asia.  In 1989 the Eastern Air-Shuttle was sold to Donald Trump, and subsequently was merged into USAir.

   Because the Eastern Air-Shuttle is such a unique service both in the virtual airline world, and the real airline industry, Virtual Eastern has modified the shuttle into a seperate way of flying.  For more information on what makes the Air-Shuttle different at Virtual Eastern Airlines, please follow the links below.

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