British Aerospace Jetstream 31

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   Technical Specifications: J31
Garret TPE331-10 (940shp each)

Length: 47ft 2in.
Wingspan: 52ft 0in
Wing Area: 270.0sq ft.

Seating: 19 passengers

MTOW: 15,322lbs
Empty Weight: 9,613lbs

Max. Range: 640nm
Cruising Speed: 230kts

Number in Fleet: 18


   Downloads: J31

Full Package (with panel and sounds) - download FS2004 Full Package (with panel and sounds) - download FSX

   Livery Info: J31

1986 - N400MX Eastern Metro Express
1986 - N402MX Eastern Metro Express
1987 - N415MX Eastern Metro Express
1988 - N421MX Eastern Metro Express
1986 - N155AA Atlantis Airlines
1987 - N988AX Eastern Atlantis Express

   Credits: J31

Model by Premier Aircraft Designn Paints by Peter Liddell