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2.7 - Special Ratings


There are several different ratings a pilot can acquire at Virtual Eastern Airlines.  These ratings apply to certain flights, and allow only those pilots who have the appropriate rating to file flight reports for the rating specific flights.  The different ratings currently employed by VEA are listed below.

El Interamericano    

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This rating covers almost all of Eastern's operations in Latin America.  The El Interamericano rating is available to only 727 and L-1011 pilots.  Cost in points: 100.

Caribbean Short Field Clearance

This rating allows a pilot to fly into certain short field airports in the Caribbean.  Airports included in this rating are: Antigua (TAPA), Fort-de-France (TFFF), Pointe-A-Pitre (TFFR), St. Croix (TISX), St. Lucia (TLPC), and St. Thomas (TIST).   Cost in points: 200.

Moonlight Special
The Moonlight Special rating applies to Eastern's nighttime A300 freighter service.  Many of the Moonlight Special flights operate through Houston (KIAH) or Chicago (KORD).  This rating is available only to A300 Captains.  Cost in points: 200.

747 Allowance
Fly the original jumbo jet with this rating!  Available to DC-10 Captains, this rating will allow pilots to fly the 747 on very select routes throughout the Eastern network.  This rating is historically based on the 747-200 aircraft Eastern originally purchased but never took delivery of for Miami-London service.  Cost in points: 200.

Golden Falcon
Fly the Golden age of Eastern with this rating!  Available all this rating will allow pilots to fly classic airliners like the Lockheed Constellation and Electra, Douglas DC-8, Convair 440, Martin 4-0-4 and Boeing 720! .  Cost in points: 200.

Type ratings are referenced to the main ratings as follows:
Express F/O and Captain: Convair 440 and Martin 4-0-4
DC-9 F/O and Captain: L-188 Electra
727 F/O and Captain: L1049 Super Constellation and Douglas DC-7B
757 F/O and Captain: Boeing 720
A300 F/O and Captain: Douglas DC-8-20
L1011 F/O and Captain: none
DC-10 F/O and Captain: Boeing 707-220 and Douglas DC-7C Braniff Thru-Plane



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