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2.6 - Eastern Air-Shuttle


Virtual Eastern Airlines is proud to operate a very unique kind of operation in the virtual airline world: the Eastern Air-Shuttle.  Unlike other flights in the VEA network, Air-Shuttle flights are worth extra points; 3 points for typically 1 hour of flying.  Air-Shuttle flights are listed under the flight numbers 1000-1151 for LGA-BOS and 1400-1541 for LGA-DCA.   All Air-Shuttle flights are operated between BOS, LGA, and DCA.  There is currently no DCA-BOS Air-Shuttle service.

Air-Shuttle service is flown using 727-200 aircraft, as well as A300 equipment between LGA and BOS only.  Normal rank requirements apply to all Air-Shuttle flights.  This means you must be rated on the 727-200 or A300 to fly the Air-Shuttle.  When reporting an Air-Shuttle flight, you should write "Eastern Air-Shuttle" in the comments section of the Flight Report.

Pilots are limited to flying 10 Air-Shuttle per week.

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