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2.3 - Flight Reports

NOTE: For information regarding VATSIM and Air-Shuttle flight reports, see sections 2.5 and 2.6 respectively.

Once you have completed a flight, you should file a flight report.  Flight reports can be submitted individually after every flight, or in multiple sets after the completion of a multiple leg trip.  However, please do not submit more than 10 flight reports at once.

When flying, you should log any time during which the aircraft's engines are running.  This includes all taxi and flight time.  Also note that flight reports will only be approved using decimal notation for time (i.e. 2.5 NOT 2 hours 30 minutes).  Flight reports not using decimal notation will be discarded permanently.  For a breakdown of hours and minutes into decimal notation, see the table below.

Minutes Decimal Hours
0-2 0.0
3-8 0.1
9-14 0.2
15-20 0.3
21-26 0.4
27-32 0.5
33-38 0.6
39-44 0.7
45-50 0.8
51-56 0.9
57-60 1.0
Also note that you should log time in terms of Flight Simulator time, and not real world time.  If you fly what is scheduled to be a 3 hour flight using the 2x speed modifier, log it as a 3 hour flight (or whatever the total flight time turns out to be).  Do not log it as 1.5 hours.

Pilots are limited to submitting 25 flight reports per week.  Submitting more than this in a single week period will result in all excess flight reports being permanently discarded.

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