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2.2 - Flying The Route Network


Virtual Eastern Airlines does not currently operate with 'flight assignments'.  Rather, pilots are welcome to fly any route found on the flight schedule that is within their rank category.  Only routes and aircraft that are official Virtual Eastern Airlines material are allowed.  We have an extensive flight schedule that can be searched using the links on the main page.  NOTE: Airport searches on the schedule will recognize both ICAO codes and city names (i.e. KBOS, or Boston).  Typically, destinations are listed under their city name, rather than the airport name.  Exceptions to this are in cities with multiple airports (such as New York: La Guardia, Kennedy Int'l, etc.)

Pilots are free to fly any flight they wish so long as it is within their rank (aircraft) category and/or additional ratings (El Interamericano.  Pilots are unable to submit flight reports for flights they are not rated on.  See the rank structure portion of the Pilot's Handbook for a complete run down of the rank setup.

While pilots may fly routes of their choice, they must always depart from their domicile, and return within 10 legs.  For instance, a Boston based pilot may depart Boston for Atlanta, fly 8 routes of his choice from Atlanta, but will have to return to Boston on his or her 10th leg.  It is a good idea to plan out your flights several legs in advance to make sure you will be able to set up a return flight to your domicile by your 10th leg at maximum.

Recognizing that some pilots have a life outside of the virtual airline, VEA allows pilots to operate their flights at a faster rate through Microsoft Flight Simulator.  The maximum flight modified speed allowed is 4x speed.  However, a pilot may ONLY use the time modifier once he has established the aircraft at the final cruise altitude.  Time modifiers may not be used during takeoff of climb, nor may it be used during descent, approach, or landing.   NOTE: When flying online via VATSIM, you MAY NOT use a time modifier (this is a VATSIM rule).

Additionally, when flying a flight at VEA, you must set the simulator clock to the appropriate time frame that the flight calls for.  While you may fly the flight at any point in the real world day, you should set the flight simulator clock to the appropriate time (A 7:30AM flight may be flown at any time, but the simulator time must be set to 7:30AM).  We also encourage pilots to use the real world weather option in Flight Simulator

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