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2.1 - Domiciles


Virtual Eastern operates an extensive network of domiciles, traditionally called 'hubs' at other virtual airlines.   While all of VEA's domiciles are airports where pilots can be based, they are usually not 'hubs' in the literal sense of the word.  Eastern only operated a handful of hubs, most notably at Atlanta and Miami, and to a lesser extent in Kansas City and New York.  This does not mean that the non-hub domiciles have limited flights however.   While some domiciles may offer more flights than others, each domicile is unique in its own way, and all offer extensive and varying flight schedules.  Additionally, there are several 'focus cities' that are not domiciles (such as Chicago O'Hare and Washington National).  Choosing a domicile at VEA should be a careful decision, as it will be the airport to which you must return to every 10 flights, and therefore will be one of, if not the primary station in your flights.

When joining VEA pilots are offered the following domiciles:

Domiciles Available to All Pilots Upon Joining


Boston Logan Int'l (KBOS)
New York (NYC) (combined ops for JFK, LGA, EWR)
Mid-Atlantic (MID) (Combined ops for Washington National (KDCA), Washington Dulles (KIAD), Baltimore-Washington (KBWI) and Philadelphia Int'l (KPHL)


Atlanta Hartsfield Int'l (KATL)
Miami Int'l (KMIA)
Sunshine Corridor (Orlando Int'l (KMCO) & Tampa Int'l (KTPA))


Kansas City Int'l (KMCI)
Houston Intercontinental (KIAH)


San Juan, Puerto Rico (TJSJ)

In addition to the domiciles offered to new pilots, existing VEA pilots may transfer to a new domicile at a maximum rate of once per month.  In certain circumstances, VEA also offers some pilots the option to transfer to one of our 'focus cities' as a domicile.  If you are interested in this option, please contact management with your request, or submit a request via the pilot system.


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