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1.4 - Rank Structure


At Virtual Eastern Airlines we have a rank system that works very differently from most other virtual airlines.  Instead of each rank being based on just hours, we have a second variable for tracking experience, known simply as 'Points'.  A certain number of points are assigned to each flight based on length, difficulty, aircraft used, rating and other factors.  In this way the amount of time flown is not the sole variable in the rank structure at Virtual Eastern.

In addition to the new role of points, the rank structure is non-linear.  This means that once you acquire a certain number of points, you as the pilot have a certain degree of choice over how and when you promote to a new aircraft.  While all pilots start out as part of the Eastern Express program, from there many choose different promotion schemes.  For a breakdown in the amount of points required for each promotion, visit the 'Promotion' tab in the Handbook.

Finally, there are other sub-ranks, known as 'ratings'.  These ratings are applied to certain flights which are special or more difficult than the rest of the mainline network.  For example, a pilot must attain the 'El Interamericano' Rating before he or she is allowed to log flights to and from Latin America.

As always, a pilot will be unable to log flights for aircraft rank or ratings he or she does not hold.  Once a rank or rating is aquired by 'spending' points, the pilot will be able to log the appropriate flights.   A more detailed explanation of acquiring new ranks and ratings is found in the 'Promotions' tab in the Handbook.


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