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1.2 - Membership


At Virtual Eastern Airlines we believe that every person should be able to join our virtual airline.   Therefore, we do not have any membership 'requirements'.  However, pursuant to Federal U.S. law, we CAN NOT accept applications from persons under 13 years of age unless we receive a letter of parental consent.

While we do not have any specific membership requirements, it is recommended that all members use Microsoft's Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight (FS2004).  However, we can and will make arrangements fro members who use an earlier version of flightsim, or who use a different program.

Pilots joining VEA with previous virtual airline experience will be allowed to transfer half of all verifiable hours.   In order to request transfer hours, please email management or submit a request via the pilot system.  A pilot MUST be able to provide a web-link or contact email by which VEA can verify the hours, otherwise they will not be honored here.

When joining, a pilot must select a domicile or Hub.  Bear in mind that all of the domiciles at VEA are different, and depending on your personal preferences with flight simulation and virtual airlines, some domiciles may be better suited to you than others.  Before choosing one take some time to read through the domicile web pages accessed through the 'Operations' link.

All new pilots not transfering hours from another VA will automatically be assigned to the roster as a 'Trainee' with 0 points and 0 hours.  A Trainee may only fly aircraft and routes applying to the various Eastern Express carriers at the domicile.  As more flights are flown, and more points accumulated, opportunities for promotion will be made available.  For more information, visit the 'Promotion' tab in the Pilot Handbook.

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