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   Our mission here at Virtual Eastern Airlines is simple.  To provide you as a member with a one-of a kind experience in the flight simulation community. Here at Virtual Eastern we live by the slogan "We have to earn our wings every day", and every hour of every day we try to live up to that slogan.   Our goal is to continuously improve our level of quality by day in and day out offering our members new and exciting options for their flight simulation experience in terms of every facet of our operations from the smallest website detail, to the latest aircraft support in Microsoft's Flight Simulator.  We are built on the belief that we at Virtual Eastern Airlines follow such practices to the best of our abilities, and we strive to continue to do so.  Every day we attempt to bring something unique, original, realistic, and organized, but most of all we attempt to bring something fun to our members.

~Perrin Arno
Founder & Chairman
Virtual Eastern Airlines 


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