Walkthrough - Start up and takeoff in the YS-11

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Walkthrough - Start up and takeoff in the YS-11

Postby Peter Liddell » Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:34 pm

It's been a question source that's come up often, so here is a step by step on how to get the NAMC YS-11 in to the air and cruising. Some of this is also useful on the HS.748 as they share many similar traits and operating methods.

First up... the daunting default YS-11 cold panel:


It's not that bad... here's a breakdown guide of the important unusual bits:


So let's get started...


You will need the Overhead and Throttle panels open for engine start.


First, Parking Break on, doors closed, prop break and autofeather OFF (down)...

On the Throttle panel set the prop state to "ON" for both engines:

Then on the overhead panel...

1. Select Engine
2. Set the "MASTER STARTER" to "START"
3. Press the "STARTER" button.


Aaand you should have a Rolls Rouce Dart screaming happily somewhere between 9000 and 11000RPM

The overheat light will come on during start up, this is normal.

If the engine starts and then dies around 2000RPM cycle the prop state to off and back to on and make sure fuel is on (CTRL+SHIFT+F4) then try again.

Now repeat the process for the other engine. The order 1 then 2 or 2 then 1 doesn't matter on the YS-11, PBA had birds setup for both and in FS the difference is moot. On the HS748 it was normally 2 then 1 however.

Once both engines are on set the overhead switches to "MASTER STARTER" to off, "ENGINE SELECT" to off, Relight NO.1 and NO.2 to on.



Now get taxi clearance and get on your way.

Taxi is about the same as any turboprop, can be slow to start but then goes fast. Just keep a foot/finger on the brakes and don't be afraid to go slow!


This is the big "gotcha" part of flying the YS-11 (and HS748).

Hopefully I can unscare some of you and get you into this fun prop...

Anyways prior to takeoff Landing lights on and Extended on the overhead, but that's all you need on that panel for now.

Set flaps as needed. Setting 1 (10 degrees) for long runways (in anything but hot weather no flaps is fine), Setting 2 (15 degrees) maximum for takeoff.

Open the "Autopilot" panel.


Now comes the trick... Top right of that panel is the fuel trim. It needs to be full "INCREASE" for takeoff and over half for flight (you can leave it full increase).


Failing to do this will cause the engines to overheat!

Now a word on Water Menthol injection... PBA disabled the injectors on their YS-11s. IF you choose to use it, set the WM Press and WM Booster Switches to on right before takeoff.

Last step, on the throttle panel, set the Condition lever to "FLIGHT"


That's it... off we go!


After takeoff normal conditions... gear up. flaps up. Auto feather on over 150kias. Retract landing lights and off over 10000'.

Keep an eye on the "ENGINE OVERHEAT" lights. It's best to throttle down slightly after takeoff to keep the engines from heating up, especially in hotter temperatures. If the lights come on throttle back that engine immediately. If you don't it will shut down within a minute or less.

That concludes this simplified intro into flying the YS-11, hopefully it's made it a bit less scary for everyone.


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Re: Walkthrough - Start up and takeoff in the YS-11

Postby EAL1017-Aharon Dayan » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:36 am

That is DARN BEAUTIFUL instructional manual!!! I have Air Caribbean livery in NAMC YS-11 and it is VERY VERY hard to start engines. Very tough to land smoothly!!!

Hope your new awesome instructional manual would help me start engines easier!!

My panel for NAMC YS-11:







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