KBWI Vatsim Event 7/22/11 At 7 pm EST

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KBWI Vatsim Event 7/22/11 At 7 pm EST

Postby EAL1017-Aharon Dayan » Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:09 pm

Shalom and greetings all Eastern pilots,

Here is exciting event to KBWI for all of you Eastern pilots who can pick one out of 24 official routes in Eastern timetable schedule for flight to BWIA!!!

Here is their announcement:


The efficient controllers of ZDC are having a live event and going to fully staff Baltimore Washington International Airport (KBWI) on July 22nd from 2300z to 0300z. This hidden gem of an airport is located 45 min from Washington DC. We look forward to getting you safely to BWI or on your way to your destination from BWI.

I have not decided from which one KMCO or TXKF I will depart at 6:30 pm EST to 6:45 pm est for flight to KBWI. If you have preference out of choice of TXKF and KMCO, let me know and I will fly with you. Or I will fly by myself.



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